Celox Trade S.r.l. is a specialised company in the import of organic products from North Africa, in particular from Egypt.
In fact, in this country, Celox Trade Srl has as own partner the firm Agrofood, who is ECOA certified and who is specialised in the production and export of organic products: potatoes, onions, garlic, green bens, peanut, etc. These goods are produced in conformity with the Regulation (EC) n. 2092/91 and following modification.
Agrofood has 60 farms (in total 1073 hectares), in which they produce the above goods.

Currently the operation base of Celox Trade S.r.l. is located in Budrio di Cesena (FC) , Via Loreto, 180.

Celox Trade S.r.l. plans annually, together with Agrofood, all the productions and the necessary certifications on the basis of the commercial markets and the request of the customers. The goods are produced without chemicals and technological adjuvants.

The main goods produced from Agrofood and imported by Celox Trade S.r.l. are the following: Potatoes, Onions, Garlic and Peanut.

The organic products are imported from Egypt with the Brand name 'Celox' and are already packed. The packaging is different according to the type of goods. For example, onions are packed in plastic bags of 25 kg, potatoes in juta bags of 12,5 kg or in Jumbo of 1200 kg and garlic in cardboard boxes.

To avoid all contamination and pollution sources during the transport to Celox Trade S.r.l., the organic products are arranged on pallets and sealed with polypropylene.

Moreover, the packed goods are loaded on trucks ( depending to the ware the trucks are refrigerated at 5^ degrees or not refrigerated) and transported to the port of Ravenna. There the products are loaded inside the ship in cold store (5^degrees) or simply in room temperature area.

The shipment last 4 to 6 days. When the goods arrive in Ravenna, the containers are shipped by road directly to Celox. This shipment last about 60 minutes.
At last, the same client organizes the shipment of the goods from the warehouse of Celox Trade S.r.l. to his warehouse.

Celox Trade S.r.l. doesn't work the product, but sells it directly to other big Italian and European Firms, who work and pack afterwards the product, with their brand name, in their establishment.

In the acceptance and collection phase, the quality responsible checks that all documents for the import of organic products are in order and compiles the C.C.P.B load and unloading register.

Afterwards, the warehouse responsible controls that every packaging or pallet is identified in the right way, with the Agrofood label, the lot number of the product and the ECOA mark.

After these controls, the warehouse responsible verifies the quality of the goods and identifies it with the mark “organic product”. Then the goods are stocked in special areas for only organic products until the client withdraws the ware.

The facilities used in this phase are:
The lift truck to load and unload the pallets.

At the moment Celox Trade S.r.l. has a storage capacity for about 35’000 q of organic products.
(20'000 q in cold storage and drive in).

It is responsibility of the client to dispose of the right way the possibly inferior quality stuff derived from the processing of the goods. This because Celox Trade S.r.l. doesn’t work the product.
The goods, that during the acceptance and collection phase have organoleptic problems, must to be handled by the AQ trough the drawing up of the C.C.P.B load and unloading register and it must to be indicated the removal formality.

Celox Trade S.r.l. has an own self-control plan (HACCP manual) in which it is possible to find all information about the formality and frequency concerning:

  • - cleaning
  • - disinfecting
  • - control about insect and rodent infestations.

    Regarding the formality for the demand, the reminder and the filing of the certification of the organic products purchased, it is responsibility of the TIT, who works together with the AQ, to request to Agrofood, per fax or per priority mail, all the necessary documents for the import at least one week before the shipment.
    These documents must to be kept at the AQ office for at least 5 years.


    Conformita' Reg CEE 2092/91.
    Allegato Reg CEE 2092/91.
    Autorizzazione Ministero Poliche Agricole Alimentari
    Autorizzazione Servizio Fitosanitario Regione Emilia-Romagna

    Ente Egiziano ECOA
    Ente Tedesco DAP
    Certificato ECOA Pagina 1 | Certificato ECOA Pagina 2
    Ente Belga INTEGRA

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